Is Kratom Illegal in Sarasota Florida? Florida Kratom Laws

Is Kratom Illegal in Sarasota Florida or in Tampa Florida? What are the Florida Kratom Laws as a Whole?

Is Kratom illegal in Sarasota Florida, and what can you do in order to stay out of the black if for some reason you live in this area of the state? The following blog post will look into the legality of Kratom in Florida, and more specifically in that of Sarasota, Florida, and will serve to educate you on what you can and can’t do in the county. To keep this short and sweet, yes, Kratom is currently illegal in Sarasota Florida, even though in Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami, Florida, you can literally purchase the drug by the shot glass at nearby Kava Kava bars, Kratom bars and hookah bars, all of which are advertised on the freaking radio…go figure that one out! Anyhow, in this ultra-conservative county of the state of Florida, it is entirely true that Kratom is illegal here, that Marijuana is in no way decriminalized, and that you need to be very careful in this area of the state. Fortunately for now, not only is Kratom legal in Tampa, but pot is also decriminalized…and that’s….that’s pretty cool. For more information on the legality of Kratom in Florida, read on or subscribe to our blog for more details and information.

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Is Kratom Illegal in Sarasota Florida, and Why Is Kratom Illegal In The Area?

Kratom is illegal in this area because the local municipality is extremely conservative and voted in the last year or so to ban Kratom in this area of Florida. Ironically you can not only purchase Kratom legally, but you can drink it as a beverage in Fort Myers Florida, in Orlando Florida, in Tallahassee, and in Miami Florida, even though some of these are extremely conservative counties, such as that of Fort Myers Florida. If you do happen to live in Sarasota Florida, just know that while you can no longer purchase Kratom and have it mailed to your home (legally at least) what you can do is drive southbound to Fort Myers Florida or Fort Lauderdale Florida, where you can buy Kratom from Kava Kava bars in fruity mango smoothie mixtures, beware though it really packs a punch!

Final Thoughts on Is Kratom Illegal in Sarasota, Florida, and What You Can Do If You Live in The Area!

I know that a lot of you reading this blog might be from this area of the state, and I know that it is very unfortunate that Kratom is banned in this area. Rest assured however that it is totally legal for you to drive south in order for you to consume this product, or to do so at a friend’s home in another area of the state. Let’s just hope Kratom isn’t banned federally because that would be bad!



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