Is Phenibut Legal In the US, UK, Canada, or Mexico, Relieve Anxiety!

Is Phenibut Legal, and How You Can Use Phenibut for Maximum Anxiety Relief!

Is Phenibut legal in your country, whether here at home in the United States (our home that is;) or in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Morocco, or whatever other country that it is that you might be from? In the following blog post, we’ll look into the legality of Phenibut, and will go into detail as to which country you can legal import the drug into, and of which you cannot do this legally. Phenibut is a very powerful Nootropic supplement, and I would consider it second only to Kratom (as it is a lot more addictive and more along the lines of a Benzo, which is more dangerous addiction wise than Kratom is), as it is very effective, can give you a great buzz, can give you a powerful euphoric high, and is used by literally hundreds of thousands of people worldwide each year. For more information on Phenibut and a host of other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drug supplements found on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Is Phenibut Legal?

Other similar and related Nootropics akin to Phenibut include the following supplements:






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And a host of other similar and related Nootropics, subscribe or read on for more details and information!

Is Phenibut Legal in Your Country? Phenibut Laws and Regulations Within the United States

Is Phenibut legal in your area? The Phenibut laws here in the United States are actually a heck of a lot more laid back than you might expect for what is probably one of the most highly regulated super powers on the planet, as Phenibut falls under something of a legal grey area there, and as such is legal to buy and sell from within the country. Currently Phenibut is sold only on the internet in the United States, however, unlike in some other countries like the United Kingdom, Germany or Italy, you don’t get stopped at the gate for having some Phenibut in your bag in US customs, and in-fact I have even personally traveled to Las Vegas (good times) within the country with a bottle of Phenibut in my bag, a bottle of Optimind that I got for free when I signed up to be an affiliate for them, and a host of other related Nootropic supplements, no problems occurred at all! In short, in the United States, Phenibut is entirely legal, at least for now!

Is Phenibut Legal in the United Kingdom After the Psychoactive Substances Ban, and How to Use Phenibut Properly?

In the United Kingdom, unfortunately the legality of Phenibut is another story than in the United States, as ever since the psychoactive substances ban that occurred sometime in late 2015, it has been increasingly difficult, and as such increasingly illegal, in order to move Nootropics and other supplements into the country for personal use, even if the case is that you are importing it from a different country, or that you are just taking the drug for personal use and are not selling the product. Part of the reason why Phenibut specifically is illegal in the country is that the UK government felt that Phenibut was overly dangerous, in that it can have something of a painful withdrawal and can really cause some nasty side effects if it is taken too often or at too high of a dosage. The major reason that this occurred however was due to pure politics in the European area, in that the Republican-like governmental views that the UK parliament and Queen had on drugs were those of an old white person, and in-fact caused the ban on any and all “legal highs” that weren’t already over the counter to take place.

How to Take Phenibut for Maximum Effects

Phenibut is most commonly used as an anti-anxiety supplement, as a sleep aid, and as a drug to bolster one’s social skills and reduce social anxiety while out in public. An appalling number of people that use this drug do so for social anxiety issues, or generalized anxiety issues, either because they have agoraphobia and are afraid of the world, or because they simply want to depress their anxiety even on their off days. Many Phenibut users however also simply use it to feel some Phenibut euphoria, or to try and get a euphoric high out of their dosing, out of those users, men should typically take around a 1-2 gram dose per day, while female users should stick with about a 1.5 gram dosage per day at the maximum! These amount to about 4 pills for men and 2-3 pills for women, depending on what brand you currently buy from. Our old website Smart Drugs for and their partner website Nootropics used to sell Phenibut in 500 milligram dosages, and as such these pill amounts should be relatively accurate no matter what online vendor you end up buying from. These are maximum recommended dosages, so only take these amounts if you have experience with Phenibut and have started to develop at least somewhat of a Phenibut tolerance, otherwise, stick to the minimum effective dosages of about 250mg to 500mg per day.

What are the Possible Dangers and Side Effects of Phenibut?

The possible dangers and side effects of Phenibut can include the following:

-Increased Risk of Addiction


-Withdrawal Symptoms

-Tolerance to Phenibut

-Upset Stomach


-Increased dosing of Phenibut in order to get the same effect

And a host of other similar and related side effects. With regards to the dangers that Phenibut can have as a supplement, it can become financially costly in the case of addiction, it can also increase one’s susceptibility to addiction, withdrawal, and a host of other symptoms, and it can also increase your body temperature, cause sweating and dehydration, can cause decreased heart rate, deeper breathing as a need to get in more oxygen, and a host of other nasty symptoms. So if you are sure that you want to take Phenibut in order to get a buzz and improve your social skills, at the very least be sure to do your research, and to take the lowest dosage of Phenibut that will possibly work for you.

Is Phenibut Legal in Canada?

In Canada Phenibut once again falls into something of a legal grey area, and in this case it is something of a dark dark grey area. Websites like Nootropics Canada, Nootriment and Nootropics are all made from Canadian citizens, as is the former owner of Peak, and in fact all of these websites had to be very careful in both their marketing and their distribution practices, in that they would constantly have disclaimers up and FDA warnings etc. I think one of them even got a letter from a government agency about their practices. All of this aside, Canada is more strict on Nootropics and Kratom than the United States is, and though not by much, Canada typically will seize your package if it is found while moving through customs, so just make sure you purchase from a reliable vendor before trying to import Nootropics.

Is Phenibut Legal in Mexico?

Mexico might actually be one of the most laid back countries on the map when it comes to Phenibut, Nootropics, Kratom, and other legal, psychoactive and over the counter drugs. In Mexico, Modafinil, which is a schedule IV prescription drug here in the United States, is actually totally legal and over the counter there, under the brand name Modiodal. While it is likely very expensive to buy Modafinil over the counter like that there, it speaks to how liberal Mexico is with regards to their drug policy, and of why importing Phenibut into the country, which is a legal over the counter drug there, should be no problem at all.

Is Phenibut Legal Worldwide? And How You Can Find Out Exactly What Countries This Drug is Allowed In!

To the question of “is Phenibut legal worldwide?” The answer would be a solid no, that Phenibut is not legal worldwide, and that in-fact the laws for each country vary significantly. A person in Mexico might be able to declare the package as Phenibut and have no problems at all, or even go over to his local CVS pharmacy and pick up non-prescription Modafinil over the counter, while in the United Kingdom, a person that imports the drug could be facing some serious punishment, and may want to think twice before doing so. In short, know the laws of your country before ordering any supplements online, do your own research, and if you have any questions, comment on this blog post and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Final Thoughts On The Question of Is Phenibut Legal, Is Phenibut Allowed In Your Country and How to Maintain Compliance!

All in all, the legality of Phenibut is going to differ pretty significantly from country to country, and as such you are going to want to know the laws of your country as well a possible before you just jump right in and order a product online. Keep checking our website at Kratom Side for our new opening Kratom store, we should be offering every single strand of Kratom, and will have tons of discounts and offers available for those users that are looking to buy Kratom and related supplements online. For more information on Phenibut and the legality of lack thereof of the product, be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and to subscribe to our blog for weekly emails, and more details and information.




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