Kratom and Adderall, and Why I Think This is a Dangerous Stack Combination

The Kratom and Adderall Stack, and Why I Feel that This is a Dangerous Stack Combination!

Stacking Kratom and Adderall together is something that we absolutely never recommend here at Kratom Side, as the risks far outweigh any potential benefits that you might get from the drug in our humble opinions. With that being said, it is entirely true that some users are using Kratom and Adderall together in order to get a buzz, take the edge off, or re-live their high, so we here wrote this blog post to try and warn those who may come across it, of the potential dangers that this stack can cause, and of why you should only use Kratom and Adderall separately. For more information on Kratom, Adderall, and a host of other similar and related Nootropics and online Smart Drugs found on the web, subscribe to our blog for more details and information!

Other similar and related Nootropics that we also do not recommend stacking atop Kratom or Kava include the following:





Kratom and AdderallNoopept

CDP Choline


Kava Kava





And tons of other related Nootropics and Smart Drugs, subscribe for more details and information!

Kratom and Adderall Stacked Together, What Does This Feel Like and What Are the Extreme Risks?

Taking Kratom and Adderall together in one stack can sometimes feel good at first, however the side effects, addiction potential and overall downside risks will soon far outweigh this initial effect. While many users on Reddit have reported having some good effects from using Adderall and Kratom together, it is the few bad effect reviews that I have read on Longecity so far, where users discuss having heart palpitations, and feeling chest pains,, as well as feeling super stimulated yet somewhat drowsy at the same time, that really concern me with regards to this stack. Overall, the Adderall looks like it overpowers the Kratom, and just mixes into a cocktail of really nasty side effects.

Why Blending Adderall and Kratom is Never a Good Idea, as Uppers Don’t Mix With Downers

Any time you mix an upper and a downer, you are really putting yourself at risk, and will experience side effects such as:



upset stomach




Heart Palipitations

And much much more. Personally, just thinking about using Adderall and Kratom together is somewhat spooky to me, as I imagine that it would last about twelve hours, and that it really would not be very pleasant at all, it would likely consist of heavy breathing, as your heart tries to find out whether it should speed up or slow down, possible paranoia and delusions of grandeur, and a host of other nasty problems that you wouldn’t want to have if you were in public, stay away at all costs!!

Final Thoughts on the Kratom and Adderall Stack and Why It Is So Dangerous!

In short, stacking Adderall and Kratom is never a good idea, so try and stay as far away from this stack as possible! If you need something to take the edge off Adderall while you are taking it, either use some Green Tea or Ginseing/Herbal tea while using Adderall, have sexual intercourse (always works well for me;) or just lower your dosage of Adderall, but definitely don’t use Kratom on top of Adderall, it ain’t worth it! For more information, subscribe to our blog for weekly updates!



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