Kratom Nausea, Can You Get Sick from Kratom Capsules?

Kratom Nausea, Can You get Sick from Kratom Capsules or Kratom Powder, and The Dangers Long Term!

Kratom nausea, and the nausea that Kratom can sometimes cause in users who take too much of the drug, is something that I don’t feel is discussed enough in top Kratom blogs online these days, and so here we are at Kratom Side to make sure that change is afoot in this area specifically! Not to bag all over Kratom, I have personally taken it dozens of times and always have at least somewhat of a good experience with it, it makes me feel happy, makes me feel in love, and when I’m with my special lady friend, can really make for a good time! With all this good however, quickly comes reality, and thus, the bad of using Kratom, as Kratom can cause nausea in some users, it can cause an upset stomach, and it can definitely cause some unpleasant side effects if for some reason you take it improperly, or if you aren’t ready to be using this drug.

The following blog post will show you how to avoid the nausea that Kratom can cause, and will serve to give you the ins and outs of using Kratom properly. For more information on Kratom and a host of other similar and related Nootropics, Kratom related and Smart Drug supplements found on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with a response!

Other side effects besides nausea that you may come across while using Kratom include the following:


Upset Stomach


Craving for more Kratom with regular use

Increased risk of Addiction

Kratom NauseaHypersomnia


Restless Leg Syndrome with Regular Usage


Heavy Breathing

Tolerance to Kratom and a Need for more of the drug to get the same effect

Lack of Focus

Increased Desire for Social Interaction

Impaired Motor Skills

And a host of other similar and related side effects, subscribe for more information!

Kratom Nausea, What I’ve Learned from the First Time I Got Nausea off of Kratom!

Nausea from Kratom can absolutely happen, and if you are a regular Kratom user and for some reason you haven’t experienced this nasty part of Kratom yet, just wait, because it certainly can happen. The first time I got nausea off of Kratom was several months ago, right around my college graduation from my masters degree program here in the states. There was a new Kratom and Kava bar that had opened up in the area, and my friend and I, with students still waiting to get back in town from Christmas break, and with almost no one around and nothing to do, decided to give it a shot! I had done Kratom about 10 times before this, and figured that it would just be another smooth experience, I also was not driving but was instead taking a cab home with my friend.

And now on to the nausea part of this story, my friend who I was with at the time, had never taken Kratom before, instead, his favorite past time was to smoke enormous amounts of Marijuana, get really stoned, and sit on my couch and eat all my food, funny now that I think about it at the time of writing this blog post, yet very annoying at the time of it happening. Anyways, so we order ourselves a Kratom drink, I think we both got some kind of a Mango smoothie that had Kratom in it, of which the lady behind the bar told us had about 2-3 grams in it for each drink.

Man I must have forgot what 3 grams felt like, because I drank this rather fast, and then ordered a Kava Kava drink of about 1 gram to see what that felt like, and needless to say, I was messed up! I felt really good mentally and had a nice body high, but I also felt like I could just nod-off right there, as I could swear that the lady got her measurements wrong, either that or she was trying to kill me!

My Friend’s Experience with Kratom Nausea, And Why You Should Go Easy The First Time You Use Kratom

Now, I did feel some slight nausea while my Kratom euphoria was kicking in, however this isn’t the crazy part of the story, the crazy part of the story is that my friend, who also had the 3 gram Kratom drink with me, and of who also had the Kava Kava drink, added yet another drink to go, of what was a 1 gram Kratom drink, from what the bartender told us. I was noticeably F***** up, while my friend was still “waiting for it to really kick in” from what he was telling me, as I told him to slow up, since it was definitely going to be hitting him soon. In retrospect I had had a few drinks before we went to the Kratom bar (beer) so this could’ve been why mine kicked in a little bit faster, but none of this mattered in the long run, as by the time we got about half-way home, and my friend had finished his “to go” Kratom drink, he told me that he felt it, and I could see it in his eyes.

He said he felt good, but that he felt way more un-functional than when he would smoke copious amounts of Weed, and also said that he didn’t want to get used to this feeling, as it could definitely be something that he could see himself getting used to and using all the time, as many of the people that we spoke to at the Kratom bar would do on a very regular basis.

We both went our separate ways, the cab dropping my friend off at his place and then pushing on to mine. I headed straight for the bed as soon as I got home, as I practically flopped face down and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. The lights still on, I was awoken nearly an hour later by a text message by my friend of whom I had gone to the Kratom bar with “I just threw up” he said “geez that stuff was powerful, not sure if I’m going to touch that stuff again for a little while.”

While I didn’t throw up personally, I did feel very nauseous, and knew that I had taken too high of a dosage of Kratom, as every time I would get somewhere close to a stage 2 sleep, I would wake up to have to take a deep breath, as I felt like the natural rhythm of breathing that I was in was too slow at this point in time. I would spend half the night lying awake waiting for the drug to wear off completely, before finally drifting off and getting about 5 hours of sleep for the night, the Kratom nausea certainly kept me up, and is something that I am going to closely watch out for in the future.

What you Should Learn About Kratom Nausea from My Own Personal Story

Now, as much as I’m telling you this story in order to grow my blog and try and sell you Kratom (gotta make that e-commerce and Search Engine Optimization Money Baby!) I’m also telling you this so you can try and visualize, from my own personal experiences with feeling a kind of nausea from taking too much Kratom, what it is going to feel like if you don’t get your dosing just right, and of why you should really take this seriously.

Not to scare you away from using Kratom, as it can really be quite a fun and effective Nootropic for things like speaking, high-pressure social events, getting closer to your lover, and for just taking the edge off after a long day at work, I’m simply saying though, that caution is strongly advised when taking Kratom, and that you should either buy capsules that are measured out for you and put into proper dosages, or that you should make sure that you know what you are doing when measuring out your next Kratom dosage.

Final Thoughts on Kratom Nausea, and What You Should Take From This Blog Post as a Whole!

In short, Kratom nausea is something that should certainly be taken very seriously while you are using this drug, as it can be everything from a little bit embarrassing and unpleasant, to downright problematic and energy-depleting for those that have really screwed up their dosing, and not used the proper amount of Kratom at the right time. Overall, if you use Kratom in proper dosages, if you are sure to read the instructions on the bag carefully, and if you make sure that you are taking Kratom in a way that is safe, effective, and within recommended updates, than you can have a good time on Kratom, and be safe in the process. For more information on Kratom and tons of other Nootropics and Smart Drugs found on the web, subscribe to our blog now for weekly email updates!




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