Shutdown, Why I Will Miss Modup and Their Legendary Run! Shutdown, Why I Will Miss, and Why They Had One Heck of a Run In The Online Business Sphere!

Ahh and the shutdown, a company that stirs up a certain amount of extreme controversy and that turns heads whenever the online business is mentioned in the Nootropics sphere or in any daytime conversation about online Nootropics and Smart Drugs. If you have never heard of, they were a great internet company that just recently shut down a few months ago, and that used to sell Modafinil on the web, I know this is illegal, but I still feel the need to write a testament to their business model and some of the amazing online feats that they previously were able to accomplish, with their financials, their SEO, their branding, and their name reputation, I’ll keep this brief and then we can get back to some Kratom stuff, in the meantime enjoy the blog post. And for more information….as always, subscribe to our blog or comment down below for more details and information.

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My Review, and Why The Shutdown Is a BitterSweet Victory for the Great Branding of the Internet Giant

I call the shutdown something of a bittersweet victory for the company since while they did shut down their company and are no longer raking in the likely $400,000+ per month that they were making (I’m getting this from their old traffic statistics that I looked up, and with such a high volume of visitors hitting their website every single day I think that this is likely somewhat credible) they got in and got out with regards to their online business, and were able to walk away clean with their millions and millions of dollars. The cool thing that I liked about as an online business that almost no online businesses do nowadays on the internet, is the way that they used branding and good website architecture in order to rope in customers and retain them over the long term. They also had a super good online forum, gave great information and had an amazing amount of operations, and overall were one of the most well rounded companies that I’ve ever seen on the web, in their Financial, operations, management, customer relations, networking, technology, sales, branding, and everything else that a business needs.

Why Did Shutdown? An Analogy for Why I Likely Would Have Done The Same Exact Thing In There Shoes

Well here’s the analogy that I have used on some of my other Nootropic and Kratom related blogs when I’ve talked about the Duckdose shutdown, or the Modafinilcat shutdown. Let’s assume you are a supplement kingpin on the internet, like Modup most certainly was, you have like..probably $10,000,000.00 in your freaking bank account, and all of a sudden what was once an online business that was making $4,000,000.00 per year, is now making only $20,000 per month, why in the heck would you continue to take this enormous risk, and keep putting yourself under this much stress in order to get what is essentially pennies on the dollar at this point. The interest alone if you just buy simple treasury bonds is over $200,000.00 per year after tax!

Final Thoughts on the Shutdown, and How to Get Similar Nootropics to Modafinil That Are Totally and 100% Legal!

In short, I’ll miss Modup’s fantastic blog, their amazing online branding, and their awesome online forum and ways of doing business. I’ll miss the beautiful company and wish them all the best in the future, I strive to mimic some of their branding and Search Engine Optimization efforts, and move forward with my own online portfolio to the best of my ability. For more information on a whole host of Nootropics and online Smart Drugs, be sure to subscribe to our blog for tons of information and future discounts, and to comment with your thoughts and opinions and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Till next time, you heard it first right here at Kratom Side







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