Noopept Prescription Laws, Do You Need a Prescription to Buy Noopept?

Noopept Prescription Laws and Regulations In The United States, Do You Need a Prescription to Purchase Noopept Online?

I know that this is more or less a Kratom blog and that typically we are going to be a Kratom affiliate website, so then why the heck would I be wrting a blog post about the Noopept prescription laws in the United States, the United Kingdom, China and the rest of the world? The truth, I’m bored as heck and it’s about 9am here and thought it might be fun to build on this new website of mine a little bit, I wanted a blog post that would rank in Google without a whole lot of work so that I could publish this relatively quickly and still have time to make it to the office, and I’m trying out some new bulk-article marketing with and wanted to see how this all works. If you have never heard of Noopept before and are wondering what the heck I’m selling, no Noopept is nothing like Adderall, it is nothing like Xanax bars, and it is nothing like Phenibut or Kratom or any other of the major drugs and supplements that I’m going to write about on this website, it is in a class all on its own, which is what makes it so fun to write about. For more information on Noopept prescription laws and a host of other similar and related Nootropics, Kratom stores and online supplement companies found online, subscribe to our website for a free sample of Kratom, and check out the categories for tons more blog posts!

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Noopept Prescription



CDP Choline

Alpha GPC Choline

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Noopept Prescription Laws In The United Kingdom, What Do These Look Like Post Psychoactive Substances Ban In England?

Noopept prescription laws in the United Kingdom are actually looking very grim at the moment, with no prospect of really changing anytime in the near future..unfortunately. Since the Queen of England announced the psychoactive substances ban on practically any mind altering drug that gives you anything of a buzz other than like nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, there has been considerable turmoil in the UK drug scene, with Nootropics companies being shut down in the United Kingdom, with United States companies having to stop shipping to the UK, Germany and Italy (my own personal Nootropics store had to start doing this, it was darn brutal, lost literally over 1/3 of our sales) and with a host of other related atrocities.

In the United States however, the laws are honestly not looking a whole lot better, and with the Powder City Shutdown lawsuit still being fought out in court, with Powder City having to shut down completely due to their regulatory problems, with FDA and the FTC sending seemingly everyone in Nootropics and Kratom a letter, with the Kratom DEA Ban, and with both Nootrostop and AwakeBrain as well as ModafinilCat being shutdown, it doesn’t look like Nootropics are going to be around in the US much longer either, but these could be isolated cases, who knows. Payment processing has also become something of a nightmare for Nootropics companies to get their hands on, and if people can no longer purchase supplements with a credit card, I can’t imagine that the Nootropics scene is going to be sticking around for a whole lot longer, but boy do I hope I’m wrong.

Is a Noopept Prescription Needed or Difficult to Get In Europe, Russia, Whales or Austrlia?

While a Noopept prescription is not needed or even available in these countries, aside from Russia, Noopept is very difficult to get in these states, aside from Russia, where I believe it is actually sold over the counter, since after all the Russians did invent this stuff anyways. In the other countries listed however, the laws around Nootropics, brain drugs, Kratom and Smart Drugs in general, is in fact extremely strict, and I believe it is even a criminal offense to sell or import Nootropics into the United Kingdom, so if you are in the UK and you are ordering Nootropics, be wary that you may want to have an attorney on retainer. While I know people that I do business with online that are in Australia and the UK that have imported Nootropics into their homes, I still absolutely would not recommend this, and I think that caution is going to be your best firned should you live in one of these countries. In Whales, the UK psychoactive substances ban applies, steer clear or face consequences.

Final Thoughts On The Noopept Prescription Laws Around The World, and Why You Should Give Noopept a Shot If It’s Available In Your Country!

All in all, if you are in the United States or are not in one of the countries listed above, a Noopept prescription is generally speaking not going to be required, and in fact should you have a desire to purchase one of the most powerful Nootropic Smart Drugs in existence, and one that is 1000 times more powerful than Piracetam, than you can do it legally via a supplement that is not scheduled and that is available for sale on the web. For more information on Noopept, Kratom, and a host of other Smart Drugs, subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Kratom, and comment with your thoughts and opinions on the article, until next time, you heard it here first at Kratom Side!

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