Picamilon Withdrawal, Is it Possible to Get Withdrawal Symptoms from Picamilon?

Picamilon Withdrawal, Is it Possible to Get Withdrawal Symptoms from Picamilon?

Picamilon withdrawal is something of an interesting subject to talk about on this blog, as we typically discuss Kratom and other related Nootropics that can cause euphoria, and of which can usually be purchased over the counter on the internet fairly easily. Due to the recent Picamilon FDA ban, Picamilon is sometimes hard to find legally in certain countries, and therefore many customers are turning to powerful Picamilon alternatives, such as GABA, Niacin, Trytophan, 5-HTP, Kratom, Kava and tons of other similar and related Nootropic supplements. For more information on Picamilon and a host of other similar and related Nootropic supplements found on the web, subscribe to our blog for more details and information, and for instant updates on the status of our new upcoming Kratom store!

Other similar and related Picamilon alternatives that are very often sold within the same category include the following:

Picamilon Withdrawal


Kava Kava Root Extract



Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside



CDP Choline


Uridine Monophosphate

And a host of other similar and related Nootropics, read on or subscribe to our blog for more details and information!

Picamilon Withdrawal Symptoms, and When to Watch Out if You’ve Been Taking This Drug Regularly

Picamilon is a very powerful Nootropic product that is typically used for improving overall mental cognition, as well as promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety levels, and improving the mood in the user who takes the drug. Picamilon was recently banned by the FDA last year, in that they were heavily lobbied by a certain congresswoman who I won’t name on this blog, who claimed that Picamilon, which is essentially just a combination of GABA and Niacin, was too dangerous to the public. It didn’t help that GNC was selling products with this ingredient in it, and that the company was actually sued by the attorney general of Oregon for doing so, of which gave this ban credibility and much publicity, vinpocetine was also banned, but more on that in another blog post in the future.

While the possibility of Picamilon withdrawal shouldn’t stop you from using the supplement entirely, what it should do is make you somewhat more cautious in your ways when using Picamilon. Picamilon can have some really great benefits for those who use it, and in-fact many Nootropic users of the supplement cite having really great effects with the product. It is only when what could’ve been good effects spill over into gluttony and possible problems that addiction and withdrawal from Picamilon will begin to set in, and problems will start to occur.

How long Does Picamilon Withdrawal Last?

The withdrawal from Picamilon can really be a nasty one, that much I can tell you, and in-fact the drug, with its 6 hour half life, doesn’t even get out of your system for almost 2 days, meaning you have a 2 day detox process before you feel somewhat like “yourself” again after taking the drug. Aside from this, the withdrawal will kick in immediately after this is done, and can usually last from 3-6 weeks, and possibly longer, depending on how long you have been taking the drug for, and at how high of a dosage. Those that have been using from 250 milligrams to 500 milligrams at a time are typically going to notice that withdrawal is significantly shorter than those that have been using this drug in higher amounts of like 1 gram per day or more, as the mind and body have much less to try and recover from.

How to Avoid Withdrawal From Picamilon By Only Taking This Drug Occasionally

Withdrawal from Picamilon can be extremely annoying and can last for a time in some users. The best way to push through Picamilon withdrawal is to straight up just push through it, man the F*** up, and STOP taking the drug cold turkey. I have detoxed from many drugs in the past, and I have also known many people who have detoxed from stuff successfully, and the only way that I have ever seen anyone detox from drugs successfully is if they go completely cold turkey, weening off doesn’t necessarily work that well in that it can make the person want to move back up the ladder if they start going through withdrawal, with cold turkey, you are forced to push through the withdrawal in the fastest way possible!

Final Thoughts on the Major Picamilon Withdrawal Symptoms, and How You Can Avoid Them Using Infrequent Dosing and Low Amounts of the Drug

All in all, Picamilon can be a really nasty thing, so you should try to do everything that you can in order to avoid going through withdrawal from Picamilon, this means taking the lowest dosage possible and taking it as infrequently as possible. For more information on Picamilon and a host of other similar and related Nootropics, subscribe to our blog for more details and information!






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