Top Ten Things You Should Take With You In Case of a Fire

Top Ten Things You Should Take With You In Case of a Fire

Extreme situations surround us day by day. You would be lucky one if you didn’t experience any of them. But once you have got into an accident you would reevaluate slings and arrows of your life. Fire danger keeps reminding us how important it is to behave carefully with this hazardous substance. But sometimes people cannot control the circumstances and “domesticate” the fire and only one task left is to take away valuable things. In a panic, many people get confused and frequently grab non-essential items. This article will help you decide which things are necessary to be taken away with you in case of fire, sorry no Kratom article today!

  1. Important documents

Some people think of documents as last things to take away in case of fire outbreak, but these papers are so important, that should be grabbed firstly. You will absolutely need your passport or insurance policies when any misfortune happens. It can take huge efforts to restore some of the documents and leaving them in the house on fire will be your greatest mistake.

Your important papers have also be stored in a safe and dry place. Keep your degree certificates, international passports of all family members, insurance policies and birth certificates organized and categorized to make it fast and easy to grab them in case of emergency.

Also, make some duplicates and copies of every paper or license you to think you will need. Store the copies with other necessary documents in a file folder. This will allow you to react promptly when there is a danger.

  1. Gadgets

Gadgets aren’t things to pay much attention to for some people. But, let’s be honest, the majority of users can’t live a single day without their mobile phones or laptops. And it’s not about vanity or social networks addiction, but about convenience and comfort that gadgets bring in our lives. Even in emergencies, we tend to use our gadgets to get help and prevent the danger.

Store your tablets, laptops, and computers in a safe place and take care of chargers to protect them from a fire in case of emergency. Which gadgets to grab firstly? You will need your mobile phone more than you think you will – since the misfortune happens, you will have to call your relatives and friends and get some help. Moreover, if your phone is full of necessary information, like phone numbers, important photos, and addresses, you can feel the loss of these things very promptly.

The next thing you need to take is your laptop. For many people laptop is where their photos, documents, and files are stored and protecting the hard drive from fire is the primary task.

Think which gadgets are essential for you and contain the information that can’t be lost – these should be protected Top Ten Things You Should Take With You In Case of a Firein case of any disaster.

  1. Warm clothes

While some neglect clothes, these are essential to take with you when something bad happens. Of course, when it’s warm and sunny outside you won’t need any jackets or coats. But when it’s winter time, being outside without winter jacket may affect your health. You don’t want to freeze your limbs, do you?

In case of extreme situation, you should have some warm clothes and blankets to protect yourself from cold weather conditions. Stock up with waterproof parkas for all the family members and store them in a safe place. These will come in handy and will help avoid cold injury when it’s freezing outside.

Moreover, you won’t be able to buy new clothes soon – take some t-shirts, trousers and most importantly, underwear to be able to change. Of course, friends can give you some stuff, but it’s better to get assured you and your children will have something to put on.

  1. First aid kit


This is another essential item to take. Every house should have a first aid kit stored in safe place. Your health is a top priority when anything happens and first aid kit is a must to grab with you when leaving the house. Your basic kit should contain scissors, cleansing wipes (prefer alcohol-free), burn ointment, bandages, plasters of different sizes and shapes, sterile gloves and antiseptic cream.

You have to take care of prescription medications and medication that are being used by you or your family members on a regular basis. Make a list of things you cannot get away without and place them in your kit together with basic items listed above. Check the drug expiration dates and get rid of any expired medicine regularly to prevent poisoning.

Store your first aid kit in the kitchen or somewhere where you it can be easily grabbed.

  1. Old photos

Along with necessary things, there are items that mean a lot to us. Whether these are valuable presents or just old black-and-white photos, they can trigger happy and pleasant memories. Pictures of you and your parents, moments of fun and happiness you want to remember and just events and celebrations depicted on the photo paper are irreplaceable. Your assignments can be moved here, but you cannot come back in time and restore all photos that are burnt. Thus, your valuable photos are what you should protect from fire.

To make sure no single photograph will be lost, it is recommended to arrange them in a photo album. Store the most valuable for your photos in a place from where you can get fast. Scan your paper photos and store them in a folder to have copies in case you lose the originals. If you prefer digital copies over paper ones, you can also make download scans and store them on your laptop. It is preferable to use cloud backup to get access to all your files and copies from any device.

  1. Jewelries



Hearing the fire alarm and leaving the house in a rush, you won’t think of your jewelry. Of course, if those earrings are valuable for you, you will grab them first place, but most of the people tend to forget about such things. But, your gold necklaces, watches, and earrings cost a lot and can save you bunch of money. While some items can bear a spiritual value for you, others can be sold and bring you some money when you and your family require them the most. Don’t neglect an opportunity to save your jewelry from fire – money the first thing people need after the fire and who knows maybe selling some old bracelet can help your family.

To avoid hurrying and gathering up all the valuables, locate them in one place. Your jewelry should be kept in storages like containers and boxes. You can get them in nearest supermarket and store all your valuable necklaces and bracelets there safely and ready to be taken away with you.

  1. Car keys

Your car is the first place you will run to during evacuation. Many parents tend to put their kids in the car and save important things; they would want to protect from the fire. The car is also the great place to place all your valuables and reach the friends’ house to get help. But none of these be possible if you won’t grab your car keys. While some drivers always keep key duplicates somewhere in the pocket, most of the people just leave in the wall mounted key box. Storing the additional key in the box can be a good option unless it won’t be damaged or interfered by the fire. What is the perfect place to store car key duplicates safe?

The answer to that question is “your neighbors’ home.” If you are friends with your neighbors, asking them to store your additional car key will be the best idea. Don’t rely on one person: hand in your car keys couple of closest neighbors to make sure one of many will be home when you have an emergency.

  1. Wallet, cardholder and credit cards


Studies show, most of the people would save their wallets and credit cards from a fire in the first place. Not surprisingly, all the things can be easily restored only if you have enough money. But when it comes to an emergency, sometimes it occurs that your wallet is empty, and all the cards are stored somewhere in pockets, bags, etc.

Use cardholder to prevent a situation like this. This small folder should contain all your credit cards, ID, business cards as well as some lists with your family doctors, their addresses, and phone numbers.

Of course, you always can do the account freeze and restore all the credit cards. But when you and your family are in danger there is no time to conduct banking operations, and the only thing you need is money.

To get assured credit cards and all the other necessary cards won’t be left in the fire, keep them in easy-to-reach places. These can be your glove compartment in the car or bag you have with yourself every day.

  1. Close to your heart items


Together with material valuables, there are things that have an emotional value for us. These can be some gifts, artworks, books, plants or even your kid’s first drawings. No matter how much does the thing costs, it is more important what value it has for you.

If you feel your life will not be complete without the collections of old toy cars or the ancient vase your aunt gave you or the sketchbook of your daughter – try to protect these items from fire.

Of course, someone will think to risk the life to save some books or souvenirs is the stupidest idea ever. Putting at stake your life or lives of any of your family members for anything cannot be justified. But if you have some time and can still grab some important for you things, you can go for your favorite items at home. Be careful when looking for things in extreme situations and don’t rely on chance.

  1. Shoes

While for someone this may seem obvious, the majority of people are so frightened that they leap out of the house barefoot when they hear the fire alarm. Standing on the soft grass without shoes feels okay, but you will have to walk on other surfaces as well. If it’s cold time of the year, you will feel the need of your shoes very soon.

When you realize something is wrong in your house or apartment, firstly try to put on your sneakers or any other shoes, which are within easy reach. You won’t have to carry them in your hands and be able to grab as many items as possible. Most people take off their shoes when entered the dwelling and if you do so, don’t forget to grab your pair when leaving the house.


Some of you may notice we didn’t include the pets on the list. That’s only because our beloved cats, dogs, parrots and guinea pigs are not things. They are members of our families and should be protected and saved the same way, we protect and save our children. Thus, before checking on all the items of the list, make sure your family members (pets included) are fine. You can take your pets away and lock them in the car to won’t let them come back to the dangerous place. Take care of the small ones and take them away together with their cages and boxes. Try not to forget to find some warm clothes for your little dog or another animal you have – pets tend to feel the same as their owners and warming you buddy up you will calm him or her down.

When the fire alarm is beeping, there is not a lot of time to consider which things you should take and which leave. But printing this list and putting on the fridge or any other place, you will eliminate panic and ensure you carry everything you need to keep your family safe.


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