Why Is The Christmas Tree a Christmas Symbol? And Why We’re Getting Net Neutrality for Christmas!

Why is The Christmas Tree a Christmas Symbol?

As another festive period draws closer, many families find themselves saving up for the gifts, decorations while planning courses of sweet meals accompanying every Christmas day. Everyone gets his fancy clothes, goes to various houses of worship and sings seasonal songs along with the mass choir, shares gifts and without saying, adorn their houses using various decorations. Fancy wreaths, miniature figurines of Santa’s Elves, and of course a most glaring fixture – a tall pyramid-like tree, adorned with spherical decorations, gift wrappings, different wreaths of shiny sparkling colors, even a Christmas tree star, in reminiscence of a star that led three men from the East in finding the manger. Our TV stations air broadcasts featuring different renditions of the story of Jesus’ birth. However, one question keeps being asked by so many, and challenged by many people, especially the ones that count themselves to profess true Christian virtues – what’s the exact origin of the Christmas tree? Why should it be among the things used to mark the Savior’s birth? While I know we normally write about Kratom, I felt the urge to write this post since Christmas is approaching, subscribe for a free sample!

Why Is The Christmas Tree a Christmas Symbol In The United States?

This question is not new or freshly raised. It’s much easier than finding a phd dissertation writing help assistance. The use of any tree during this particular festivity and the celebration itself have been subjects of controversy, with numerous reports confirming the date chosen as incorrect and the incongruence of the Santa story with the Virgin birth. Most people prefer to bypass this topic due to its scandalous nature.

The origin of Christmas tree can be marked back to nature-worshipping traditions that were practiced before Christian times. Norsemen and Scandinavians practiced beliefs upholding the commemoration of the cold, hibernation season – a recognition of life and reincarnation, as well as a pointer to the soon-coming spring. It was also held in popular belief that the coldest moments of winter are marked from the timeline of Nativity and the foremost part of the year’s beginning. To ward off the supposed increased actions of bad spirits they also doubled as a talisman ensuring protection.

The Christmas tree story won’t be fully complete by forgetting to mention its similar replicas known to exist under different identities in various nations. The Georgian Chichilaki, the Slavic ‘Koleda’ and beautified spruces in Livonia all represent the earliest replicas several nations employed in earlier times, with various items that were later changed for other Yuletide symbols.

How The Christmas Tree Got So Popular as a Celebration of the Christmas Season!

The trees were also used by parishioners in the medieval days to act out little theatrical performances called ‘the Mysteries’. According to history, they initially used trees covered in red apples as well as simple wafer-like biscuits, commemorating Adam and Eve’s day, which we observe today as Nativity Eve. Apples symbolized the Fall at the beginning; the biscuits – redemption. The German Lutheran Yuletide tree trend was made popular by immigrants Why Is The Christmas Tree a Symbol, and Why We Are All Getting Net Neutrality for Christmasafter the War that took place in 1870. After a break-out that killed all apple trees, simple Christmas tree decorations like round and shiny red spherical objects were introduced instead. Here, it is associated with ‘paradise tree’.

Nowadays, the season is celebrated by all and sundry, a festivity accepted by more than 50% of the world’s population. The red shiny balls have remained, with an addition of other colors like blue, gold and even green. They are put together with eatable snacks like cookies and cute bready figurines. Green wreaths have been replaced by synthetic shiny wreaths of different colors, their strips made thin to resemble original decorations used. Every Christmas symbol has its own symbolical meaning. Some sources site the candy canes which are common during this period as representation of the good Shepherd’s rod; a physical connotation of God’s love and how much He wants ‘lost sheep’ to find their way back to him. Click here for more information.

Final Thoughts On Why The Christmas Tree Is a Symbol of Christmas, and What You can Do to Fight Back Before Net Neutrality Becomes Your Christmas Present From the FCC!

The final question we would want to ask ourselves is what does a tree symbolize? We know for the earlier beliefs it was an omen to the coming spring, their belief in reincarnation, and a pointer indicating a rejuvenation of the New Year. The medieval parishioners used the pyramid-like tree to symbolize the Trinity in their effort of converting pagans by referring something they were familiar with. Either way, this specific tree has endured many forms and decades, it looks like it is here to stay, having been woven into yearly celebrations in many countries. And its status looks good for quite a long time; after all, what is a Yuletide celebration without a fir tree? Exactly.


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